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Baccarat Card Counting – Here’s How

You must be aware that you are able to count cards in blackjack games and win real money. Players have been beating blackjack for years through card counting. However, baccarat card counting is a more low profile. The reason might be because it doesn’t generate as many profits.

Nonetheless, you can make a fair amount of money when card counting with a certain baccarat side wager.

Baccarat Card Counting online

Standard Baccarat Card Counting

Some game players are shocked to find out that blackjack isn’t the only game that can be beaten over card counting. You can also earn long-term incomes by counting baccarat as well.

Of course, you need to learn a good strategy before you can make profits. If you are dedicated, you can beat baccarat. Though, there’s a big catch that is involved. You’re not going to make a lot of money at all!

Maybe you still won’t mind card counting for fun once and a while if it were that easy. Though, counting this game is as difficult as doing so with blackjack.

Welcome to the Dragon Side Bet

You can see that the baccarat game is not a money-making game for advantage gamblers under normal circumstances. No reputable AP will want to waste time with the earning of $0.70 or less.

However, the Dragon side wager offers an interesting chance to make greater profits.

The Dragon side wager features this rule:

  • You bet on whether the player or banker or banker will beat the other side by a precise point margin.
  • The player or banker must win with a “natural”
  • Bets on bigger margins of victory deliver better payouts.

The mutual paytable for both the banker and player side is as follows:

  • Win by 9 = 30:1 payout
  • Win by 8 = 10:1
  • Win by 7 = 6:1
  • Win by 6 = 4:1
  • Win by 5 = 2:1
  • Win by 4 = 1:1
  • Anything else = Loss

Counting Cards with the Dragon Side Bet

You can see how the Dragon side bet works.

The first thing to know about baccarat is that most casinos permit deep deck diffusion. In most cases, the dealer makes it to the end of an eight-deck shoe.

This deck penetration is important when considering that you stand to win more cash as a counter upon seeing extra cards. After all, your count will be accurate towards the end of a shoe.

Casinos don’t permit this penetration in order to stop blackjack card counters. Nonetheless, they have no issue doing so with baccarat game when seeing that normal card counting options don’t result in much profit.

As mentioned above, the banker and player dragon bets carry 2.65% and 9.37% house advantages, correspondingly. Therefore, you want to wager on the player’s side when counting.

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