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Play Double Exposure Blackjack for Real Money

Jonn Seo | March 5, 2021 | Updated on: January 19th, 2024

double exposure blackjackDouble Exposure Blackjack is one of the popular blackjack variations that you can find at live and online casino sites. The game was created when players started to think that the blackjack game would be easier.

If you could see both of the game dealer’s cards. The skill factor in double exposer blackjack is based on playing your cards correctly given the incomplete data revealed by a single-up card, though plenty of players have shared the same dream.

For those that have recently discovered double exposure blackjack and want to learn more, this article will guide you through the game. Here you’ll find a detailed description of the game rules and gameplay structure.

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Double Exposure Blackjack Rules and How to Play

Double exposure blackjack was made by adjusting one of the basic tenets of the ordinary blackjack: turning both of the blackjack 21 dealer’s cards face up rather than only one.

Apart from that, both casino games share the same simple basic structure, and many of the game rules remain the same in both versions. If you’re unfamiliar with how regular blackjack works, we recommend you head over to our blackjack page first to brush up on the basics.

Double Exposure Blackjack Strategy

The optimal game strategy for double exposure blackjack depends on the exact combination of the rules used for that game.

With every house running the blackjack game according to a set of rules, this can make it hard to pin down the game conditions you’ll be facing.

  1. Always Hit when you have an 11 or the lower hand.
  2. Always make a Hit when the dealer has a 20.
  3. Make sure you Double Down when you have an 11 or lower while the dealer has 14 to 16.
  4. Stand when you have 17 to 20 unless the game dealer has the same value or higher hand.
  5. Don’t Split a 10-value hand unless the game dealer has a hard 13 to 16 hand.
  6. Split Aces unless the game dealer is an 11, 17, or higher hand.

Play Double Exposure Blackjack Online for Free

With all of the unique game rules and features that come with this blackjack game variant, we recommend you play double exposure blackjack for free before gambling for real money. The free demo version allows you to learn the game without the risk of losing any bets on a game you don’t understand.

blackjack double exposure

Benefits of Double Exposure Blackjack

So, why would you play double exposure blackjack if blackjack pays 1/1 and a tie isn’t pushed?

Well, information is key in this blackjack variant. Just think about the room that you have if you know both the dealer’s cards. You can choose to split, double down, or even take Surrender insurance.

If you’re an online casino fan playing double exposure blackjack, you can take advantage of the real-money bonuses by playing the game.

Many casinos online accept double exposure blackjack contributions towards their gaming bonuses. That means you can gamble through hours of double exposure, work off the bonus requirement, and earn free real cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Double Exposure Blackjack?

Double exposure blackjack is a variant that requires the dealer’s cards to be face-up, which will give the player an even better chance of beating the house.

How is Double Exposure played?

After staking takes place, the game dealer deals two cards to every player as well as themselves. Both of the game’s dealer’s cards are face up. The dealer then continues to deal out cards until one hit 21 or the closest hand.

What are the odds like?

The odds on blackjack are 1:1, instead of 3:2, which can be a turnoff to many. However, this small payout is comprehensible given the brilliant opportunity to make more informed decisions.

Is there a real money selection online?

Yes, double exposure is available for real money. You’ll be able to find this brilliant double blackjack at all of the casinos that we’ve listed.

Where can I play double exposer blackjack?

You can play double exposure blackjack at many online casinos out there.

How much is it possible to win?

It is hard to say how much you can win because so much depends upon luck as well as the size of the stakes that you’re placing.

Double Exposure Blackjack Info

  • RTP – 99.33%
  • Blackjack Pays – 1:1
  • Decks – 8
  • Multi-Hand – No
  • Insurance- Yes
  • Surrender – Yes
  • Split – Yes
  • Re-Split – Yes
  • Hit Split Aces – No
  • Double – Yes
  • Double After Split – Yes
  • Dealer Peek – Yes
  • Dealer Hits Soft 17 – No
  • Side Bets – No.

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