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Casino Table Games That You Can Beat

The casino holds an advantage in almost the casino table games they offer. This is why casino sites from Las Vegas to the USA got much bigger and more extravagant over the years. You may feel that your chance of winning is to get lucky. However, some casino games offer you a chance to make certain profits through advantage play.

In this guide, we discuss numerous casino games that you can beat with proper knowledge and skill. Read on!

Casino Table Games

Top Six Casino Table Games

1.      Blackjack

We will start with the well-known advantage gambling option of all time: card counting. You may count cards in online blackjack and make solid profits.

Even as a skilled counter, you can look forward to between a 1% and 1.5% advantage. So, you need a blend of the right casino game, in-depth knowledge, and a big bankroll. Learning card counting is fairly easy. You need to track cards that come out of the shoe and allocate them specific values.

2.      Caribbean Stud

Caribbean stud poker is known for its big jackpots and not-so-good house edge (5.22%). Though, it also allows one to make returns through collusion.

The first step to take when planning in Caribbean stud includes having a team of seven players. A seven-player team is a way that you can swing the odds in your favor.

With a full table working together and performing a perfect strategy, you can gain a 2.38% edge over the casino. Sit down to the table with six players, though, and you will face a 0.4% house edge at best.

3.      Mississippi Stud

Mississippi stud is similar to three-card poker and Caribbean stud in that it sees you compete against the casino rather than other players. Your goal is to use your two-hole cards and three community cards to method a qualifying hand.

Every round starts with you and other gamblers making an ante bet. The dealer then deals you two-hole cards with three cards face-down community cards.

4.      Poker

Poker doesn’t require any AP technique to triumph. Instead, you need to be improved over the rivals you play against on a reliable basis. Real money Texas Hold’em is a popular poker variation. It sees you trying to form the best hand possible out of your two-hole cards and five community cards.

5.      Three Card Poker

Three-card poker is a house-banked casino game that calls on you to beat the dealer. Every round begins with you placing the ante bet and getting three-hole cards.

The dealer also gets three-hole cards as well. You aim to try and see most of their cards as possible when determining the play bet.

6.      Video Poker

Video poker is one of the casino games where you don’t need to use an AP technique or beat opponents to win. Instead, you must find beatable differences and perform a perfect strategy.

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