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How to Cheat at Craps – 5 Popular Craps Cheats

Margaret Cooper | January 29, 2021 | Updated on: January 29th, 2021

how to cheat at crapsCheats for craps have been portrayed in popular media many times over. Chances are you’ve probably watched a film where the protagonist had a loaded pair of dice for an important dice game. (Just writing this and The Road to El Dorado comes to mind.)

While cheating at any gambling game should give you an edge, we do not recommend it. Cheating tends to make people very angry. Like prison sentence type of angry. But if you are still interested in learning how to cheat at craps for theoretical purposes, read on!

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5 Top Craps Cheats

Here are the five most popular ways to cheat at craps. You will notice that most of them don’t apply to the online casino variant of the game:

1.      Loaded Dice

Loaded dice is probably the most famous craps cheat of all time. Basically, you tamper with the die’s makeup so that it lands on certain numbers more frequently.

For example, you could shave a bit of a single corner, and you could already affect the outcomes that come up. Essentially, you are manipulating the weight distribution of the dice to favor a particular side.

It isn’t easy to get away with loaded dice, though. Firstly, casinos use transparent dice to make tampered dice more easily noticeable. Secondly, you cannot replace a die with your own personal one because casino dice are all marked with serial numbers.

So, any way you look at it, cheating with loaded dice is pretty impossible in modern-day casino settings. Of course, you could try it, but you will probably get caught.

2.      Sliding

Sliding is a dice rolling technique that removes the randomness from a roll. Basically, as the name suggests, you are sliding the dice instead of rolling them. The result of doing this is that the dice stay on your desired numbers instead of tumbling around.

Generally, sliding is difficult to notice as players tend to roll dice in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Usually, what tends to set alarm bells off is a single-player winning an irregular number of times very quickly.

Casinos expect some players to get lucky. But no player will ever go on an unbeatable winning streak at craps.

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3.      Hop Bets

You can manipulate the outcome of hop bets if you strike a partnership with a croupier. If you are unfamiliar with hop bets, these are wagers you can place on the numbers that appear on a dice roll.

For example, you can place this bet after the point number has been established and say that the next numbers to come up will be a 3 and 4, etc.

Most craps tables don’t actually have a place for a hop wager. So, you need to call it to the croupier. This where it becomes possible to cheat. If you are working with the croupier, you could mumble any numbers, and the croupier could interpret it as the winning bet.

Remember that these are once-in-a-lifetime bets. So, you are likely to set off alarm bells if you all of a sudden win one more than one hop bet in a singular gaming session. Also, casinos have long memories. Thus, if you try this more than once, you are very likely to get caught out.

4.      Past Posting

Past posting refers to the act of placing a bet on the table after the outcome of the game has already been decided. While this is impossible online, if you visit a land-based casino, craps tables can be crowded. Sometimes, it is possible to distract the dealer and place a bet on the table after the result of a roll has been decided without them noticing.

People who try this technique will often ask the croupier a question while the dice is being rolled before placing their bet down. For example, they may ask for change or such – something that requires them to look away.

If you are lucky, you could get away with this technique once. But craps tables are heavily-monitored nowadays. So, it’s a risk even to attempt doing it.

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5.      Rhythmic Rolling

Rhythmic rolling is technically not a form of cheating. It is similar to sliding, but it is completely legal. However, as with card counting in blackjack, casinos will probably ask you to leave if you find too much success with this technique.

Rhythmic rolling involves touching the dice in a particular way before you let go of your roll to help manipulate the outcome of the roll. Again, you won’t get into trouble for using this technique. But don’t expect casinos to allow you to use their craps tables for very long.

Don’t Cheat at Craps

You may be wondering why we strongly recommend you don’t cheat. Well, if the only repercussion of cheating was paying back your winnings, we wouldn’t think it that bad. But it’s not.

Players who have previously been sentenced upwards of 25 years in prison and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for trying to cheat a casino. So, if you cheat, you will win momentarily. But once the casino catches on, you will be the one paying in both years of your life and cash sums.

As mentioned above, rhythmic rolling isn’t illegal. So, if you want to try it, we won’t say anything against doing so. However, if you go on a winning streak, you may find yourself needing to learn the rules of a new casino game soon.

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