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Craps FAQs

Jonn Seo | May 15, 2020 | Updated on: January 29th, 2021

craps-online-faqsWe know players like playing craps and sometimes questions revolving around the casino game arise. Our Craps FAQ section ensures that the player’s most common questions are answered. Some of our experts have played the table game and found the burning questions players want answers to. Have a look at our guide to help you out! Then, play craps at the best online casino sites in America.

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What Are the Basic Rules of Craps?

The basic rules in Craps are that players bet on the results of the rolled dice. Players place a wager, after that, a shooter will roll the dice.

Must I Shoot in Craps?

No. You don’t have to shoot in Craps. A bit of pressure can come with the dice. However, you can try rolling the dice and who knows you may be lucky.


Do I Need Skills to Play Craps?

No. Craps is a table game centered on luck. Therefore, you don’t need skills to increase your chances of winning in the casino game.

What is the Best Bet in Craps?

There are several good bets you can place in Craps. This includes taking the laying odds, field bets, pass line bets are also a good option.

What Types of Bets Are In Craps?

A variety of bets can be placed in craps such as:

  • Place Bets
  • Field Bets
  • Proposition Bets
  • Buy Bets
  • Big 6 & 8
  • Hard Way Bets
  • Place to Lose Bets
  • Place Bets for 4 & 10
  • Put Bets
  • Place Bets for 5 and 9
  • Lay Bets

Do You Have to Make a Pass Line Bet in Craps?

Craps basic wager is the pass line bet, this bet is for the shooter to win. It is a table minimum. Should the rolled dice be a 7 or 11 during the come out round, this wager wins.

What Does the House Edge Mean In Craps?

The house edge in Craps differs depending on the bets placed. The table may have different edge percentages. This is because of wagers that remain the same even after the dice is rolled several times. A pass line bet is a fundamental wager with a house edge of 1.41%.

How Do You Win Craps Every Time?

It’s not possible to win in the table game all the time because you don’t know when you’ll be lucky. On the other hand, players can try to be consistent and can win.

 Is There Any Strategy to Craps?

No. You need to know that Craps is based on luck. However, there are good strategies in Craps and you’ll have to use the one which best works for you. Don’t let anyone full you into thinking that are strategy will always win.  The most basic bet you can place are pass or don’t pass and the come or don’t come.

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