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Craps Terms – Full Glossary of Craps Slang & Definitions

Bonnie Evans | June 17, 2020 | Updated on: May 14th, 2021

Craps Terms Slang Terminology is a vital aspect of playing casino games, and Craps terms are no different. With such an old game, it’s no wonder that we’ve found nearly 100 common words used in games. Of course, there are many more we could go into, but these are the unique definitions.

So, check them out before you start enjoying one of the oldest dice games in the world. Or check out our favorite craps online casinos.

Popular Casinos Using Craps Terms

Craps Terms: A-C


Betting on a 2 in the next roll of the dice.


Also called the casino house edge, whereby it takes a portion of the payout.

Any Craps

Betting on a roll that will be a two, three, or 12.

Any Seven

Placing a bet on a seven outcome.


In craps, this is a nickname for a craps player who gets lucky while shooting the dice.

Back Line

Also called the Don’t Pass Line.

Behind the Line

When a player bets on “free odds” after the point number is set.

Betting Right

In craps terms, this means wagering with the short on the Come and Pass line bets.

Betting Wrong

When you bet against the shooter on the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come lines.

Big Eight

Betting even money that an eight will roll before a seven.

Big Six

Contrastly, this is an even-money wager that predicts a six before seven.

Big Red

When you bet on seven, it’s sometimes called a Big Red.

Box Numbers

On the table, this craps term refers to the boxes for four, five, six, eight, and ten.


Refers to rolling a 12.


Also known as the floor supervisor who watches gameplay for cheating and guards the chips.


Betting on each hardway and seven.

Buy Bet

When you pay the casino a 5% commission to play with corrected odds.

Bring Out

Betting on the Hardway to “bring out” the point number.

Capped Dice

Any “loaded” or “crooked” dice used to cheat.

Center Bets

In the center of the table, you’ll place proposition bets between Hardway and all singe rolls.

Cold Dice

When the rolls “don’t pass” the point number, the dice are considered cold.

Cold Table

In craps terms, this refers to a table where shooters are losing.

Come Bet

Also called the Pass bet, but it’s only used in some variants.

Come Box

This is the section of the table where you put down your chips for the wager.

Come Out Roll

To start the game, a player (the shooter) will roll the dice and set the “point” or goal outcome for the table.

Coming Out

When the shooter is getting ready to throw.


Shooting a two, three, or twelve on the come-out roll.

Craps Out

Throwing craps on the come-out roll and automatically winning the Pass line bet.


Any casino employees that are managing the table, the two dealers, stickman, and boxman.
Craps Terms Definitions

D to I Terms


This is the casino employer, or software, who collects losses and pays out winnings.

Don’t Come Bet

Opposing the come-bet, this goes against the shooter by wagering on a seven before the point.

Don’t Come Box

Where the dealer will place your chips for the Don’t Come wager.

Don’t Pass Bar

Another term for the section where Don’t Come bets are placed.

Don’t Pass Bet

A bet on the first roll against the shooter.

Don’t Pass Line

A section on the table to place chips for the bet.

Double Odds

Free odds to double all wagers on initial rolls.

Easy Way

Any roll of a four, six, eight, or ten where each combination is different.


Another term for the casino’s increased odds over players.

Even Money

A one-to-one payout on certain outcomes.

Field Bet

Any bet on two, three, four, nine, ten, 11, or 12.

Five-times Odds

Free odds increase bets to five times the original.

Free Odds Bet

Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, or Don’t Come wagers placed after the initial roll on “true odds.”

Front Line

Referring to the section for Pass bets.

Craps Terms Gaming Table

Craps Terms: H to O


Any roll of double numbers like two and two.

Hardway Bet

Betting on four, six, eight, or ten before the shooter rolls the “easy way” and a seven.


Betting on two or 12.

Hope Bet

In craps terms, a single-roll wager on a specific dice combination.

Hoping Hardway

A similar bet on identical dice rolls.

Horn Bet

A one-roll bet on two, three, 11, and 12.

Horn High Bet

Betting on one roll of two, three, 11, and 12 with a two-arts bet on 12, as well as a part bet on two, three, or 11.

Hot Roll

Dice that a shooter holds for a while before “evening out”. Or, dice that “keep passing”.

Hot Table

Opposite to a Cold Table, when shooters frequently make the point.

Inside Numbers

Bets on five, six, eight, and nine.

Insurance Bet

Taking multiple bets to partially cover each other.

Lay Bet

Betting that a seven will roll before the point with a 5% commission on losses.

Lay Odds

Taking extra odds against the dice placed because of the odds.


In craps terms, this is the imprint on the table for sectioning bets.

Line Bet

Betting on the Pass or Don’t Pass.

Little Joe

Rolling a hard four (2-2).

Loaded Dice

When dice are weighted to roll certain outcomes for cheating.

Marker Puck

A two-sided plastic disc is used to mark the roll number on the table.


In craps terms, this is a one-roll bet on 12.


Rolling a seven or 11 on the come-out roll.

Odds Bet

Betting when the casino doesn’t have an edge.


On the next dice roll, some bets will be “safe.”

One Roll Bets

Wagers placed only on the upcoming roll of the dice.

Out 7

Any seven combination roll after the come-out bet.

Outside Numbers

Using four, five, nine, and ten to make a place bet.

Craps Terms Dice

P to Y Craps Terms


Taking winnings from a bet and adding them to another.

Pass Line

Also known as the Front Line, where Pass bets are placed.

Pass Line Bet

Betting with the dice and the shooter.

Place Bet

Placing a bet that four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten will roll before a seven.

Place Numbers

Referring to four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten on the table.

Playing the Field

When you bet on two, three, four, nine, ten, 11, or 12 at the same time.

Point Number

Any number that rolls before seven (i.e. four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten).

Press a Bet

To double or parlay a wager.

Proposition Bets

Any special bets, like the Hardway at the center of the table.

Right Bettor

Any player that bets on the shooter and/or dice to get the point.

Sequence Bet

Betting on more than one roll for the outcome.

Seven Out

When a shooter rolls a seven after establishing the point number but doesn’t repeat the point. Then, the dice pass to the next player at the table.

Craps Terms: Shoot

Any series of rolls before the shooter “sevens out.”


A name for the player who rolls the dice.

Snake Eyes

Rolling 1-1 is called this.


The casino employee scoops up the dice and returns them to the shooter after a roll.

Take the Odds

Making a free odds bet as a “right bettor” to give yourself an edge over the house.

Ten-times Odds

Taking free odds at ten times the original wager.

Triple Odds

In craps terms, a free odds bet at triple the original bet.

True Odds

Odds that any number will come upon a roll.


Another craps term for the house edge.


The next roll will put certain bets at risk.

Whirl Bet

Equal bets on two, three, seven, 11, and 12.

Wrong Bettor

Any player who is betting against the shooter during the game.


Saying “yo-eleven” instead of 11 to avoid confusion with seven.

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