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Fibonacci Betting System

Jonn Seo | August 25, 2020 | Updated on: May 17th, 2024

casino-fibonacci-systemHave you ever wondered why the Fibonacci system is so trusted among gamblers around the world? The betting system relies on using incremental math to determine the next bet that a player will make. The premise of the system requires players to have a large bankroll in order to follow the Fibonacci sequence.

How it works is that players have to increase their initial bet after losing a wager. The concept of the system is done to assist players to win money that they have lost by betting for higher stakes. This process is referred to as negative progression systems. Also, the theory also allows players to reduce the bet once you win to make a profit.

Go through our guide to find out the basics of using this system at the casino. Fibonacci gambling strategy is only but a handful of betting systems that you can use to win. All you need to learn are a few simple rules about when to change the value of your bets.

How does the Fibonacci Sequence work?

For players that want to make a living by playing casino games, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Fibonacci sequence in order to win. The system follows the math principles of adding a series of numbers that complement one another.

In casino gambling, the betting system involves placing even money bets on a table game such as roulette.  You would not practice this type of betting system on inside numbers. You would be best served to place your wager on red or black, outside bets, odd or even number bets.


Here’s are some of the steps that you need to make for the Fibonacci strategy work:

Step 1: Make a One Betting Unit

The system requires players to begin with one betting unit and stick to it. This betting unit should be chosen before the game starts in consultation with the bankroll that a player has. You can start with $2 or $5 bets.

Step 2: Add on the Betting Unit

If you don’t win, you should follow that round by increasing your stake by the same unit. If you chose the $5 per round, the next bet should add on that unit and make a $10 bet. You will follow this process for every loss that you the losing streak lasts.

Step 3: Keep track of the Sequence until You Win

While there is no telling how long the losing streak will be, you need to stick to the bet until the rewards start trickling in. Once you turn the tide and win, you will need to reduce the stake to make the profit. You will remove the betting unit with every win until you start the process from scratch.

Benefits of Using Fibonacci System

While there is no guarantee that this strategy works over others, there is a high volume of players that have tasted victory from following this process. The sequence follows a very credible mathematical

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