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Casinos in Hawaii

Jonn Seo | January 20, 2020 | Updated on: November 28th, 2024

Hawaii CasinosHawaii is a state that has no casinos at all. Moreover, the state does not allow gambling at all, not to even mention a simple game of bingo. With gambling not being permitted, the state is still one of the best for tourists. With that said, Hawaii is not anti-gambling, it just does not want to be competing with Las Vegas and other big gambling holiday spots. Casinos from Hawaii would take money out of the local economy and be funded by residents of the islands. There are services that residents and tourists can utilize on, like casino parties and also event centres. You are allowed to play casino games, however, there is no real gambling or cash exchanged.

Hawaii does not permit any casino cruise ships to operate from their state. Even though many states without gaming do allow cruise ships to operate. Cruises that originate or even end in Hawaii cannot possess commercial gaming devices.

Hawaii Casinos & Gambling Laws

Hawaii Casinos & Gambling

  • Year Hawaii Regulated Gambling: no Gambling
  • Tax Revenue from Gambling: None
  • Gambling Revenue: None
  • Gambling Age: None

Online Gambling in Hawaii

There are no types of legal internet gambling in Hawaii, as well as web casino games. Even daily fantasy sports are not permitted.

Live Gambling in Hawaii

There are no types of live gambling that are permitted in Hawaii. Bars can only offer poker tournaments without any buy-in. There are no casinos on any of the islands in Hawaii. This is because tourists do not go to Hawaii to gamble, but to enjoy other amenities the state has to offer.

Gambling Laws in Hawaii

Hawaii’s gambling laws are very serious about not having to make gambling legal. Indorsing gambling in the first degree and possession of betting records are both Class C crimes in Hawaii. Many other misconducts in Hawaii gambling laws are considered misdemeanours. Most states without casinos license boats to run gambling as long as they go into global waters. Hawaii, in this case, does not allow any casino cruise ships to do such.

Hawaii Gambling Laws

Hawaii Gambling History

Gambling is not part of the culture in Hawaii. Some racetracks have operated in the state before it joined the US. There have been no types of gaming in Hawaii since it was listed as the 50th state in 1959. Daily fantasy sports sites have operated in Hawaii until 2016. After that, Attorney General Doug Chin released a belief that stated daily fantasy sports is unlawful. DraftKings then left the Hawaii market within days. This was the second time DraftKings submitted an order from a state attorney general.

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