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How to Cheat at Slots

Jonn Seo | September 16, 2020 | Updated on: October 28th, 2024

cheat slot machinesThere are players that look for ways to cheat at slots in order to win every time. Luckily, there are different approaches to manipulating slot machine on the casino floor as well as hacking online slots. While there may be a success with using these techniques, there are harsh penalties to consider should you get caught.

It shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement that we’ve created this guide. We’ll be looking at some of the methods to trick slots machines that have worked in the past. It is prudent to note that systems and security to the technology have since been updated to ward of any hacks. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should not try these methods of manipulating slots games.

Can You Cheat on Slot Machines?

Yes, you can cheat on slot machines through various ways such as using shaved coins and magnets. A lot of slots cheats got away with these tricks because casinos did not monitor the floor as strictly as they do nowadays and the surveillance technology has since been updated. Here’s a list of some of the most popular slots cheat stories:

1.      Use Magnet to Cheat Slot Machine

This is a dated technique, so be warned. Back then, the fruit machines were made of metal and you could use the magnet to stop the reels in hopes that it could land on the winning combination. It is also worth noting that you would have to frequent the casino establishment when there weren’t a lot of players around.

Typically, that would be the worst time to go to the casino. Also, slot machines are programmed using computer software so a magnet would be a futile device.

2.      Cheat Codes for Slot Machines 2024

One of the most famous slot cheats in Las Vegas was Ronald Dale Harris. He made a killing using source codes of slots to trick the machine into paying out. His streak lasted in the 1990s and it helped that his profession was computer programming for the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

His run ended when he decided to partner up with his accomplice who won a staggering $100 000 jackpot in a keno game that the whole operation was discovered.

3.      Shaved & Fake Coins

The earliest form of tricking slot machines was to play the games without losing any money. You would need to be lucky enough to get the winning combination. Slot players would combine using fake coins and shaved coins to get credits to play without actually losing any money.

4.      Light Wand

The list would not be complete without mention of the most infamous slot cheat of the lot, Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He developed the light wand to manipulate the slot machine into paying out the jackpot prize.

The instrument circumvented the optical sensor on the slot machine in order to make it unable to track the amount of coins in the machine. Also, the device tricked the system not to tell how much it was paying out, which turned small wins into jackpot wins.

5.      Cheat Slot Machine Bill Acceptor

If you don’t know how to cheat computer slot machines, the best course of action is to hack the bill validator device. A very simple but effective method, you simply wrap a bill to trick the sensor into thinking it is accepting a $100 bill. You would need a real bill (preferably $1) so that everything looks legit.

cheat slot machines online

As a side note, depending on the state you live in, there are pretty harsh penalties to consider if you get caught. While there are states that will accept a steep fine, there are stricter punishments where you could possibly face jail time. We recommend using a winning strategy instead of trying to hack the system.

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