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How To Play Keno Online For Real Money

Jonn Seo | January 21, 2024 | Updated on: January 30th, 2024

how to play keno online To know and understand how to play Keno is easier than ever, thanks to the handy guide on Casinos. Keno is a lottery-style game, similar in few respects to traditional lotteries and Bingo. Though Keno has a much more storied and interesting history of how it came to be, and how it helped shape the Ancient world.

Get the best keno winning numbers at the best online keno casinos. The game of Keno is popular as some of these classic games however, in the past five years, the game managed to get dome popularity and became one of the most entertaining casino games to play.

Online Keno real money USA is a game pure chance. US Players decide to wager on a set of numbers and the casino site then picks out numbers at random. If the number you wagered on is called, you end up winning. Players, both rookies, and gambling experts can learn all they need to know about how to play Keno online in USA here.

Best Online Keno Casino 2024

Keno Rules

Let’s go through the Keno rules in order to get how to play the game. Check the rules below:

  1. Select a free web Keno or real money Keno game at the best web casino sites listed.
  2. Other sites may need you to register before you begin playing.
  3. Enter the keno game of your choice and examine the rules carefully as they can differ a bit, typically regarding the odds.
  4. choose the amount of cash that you want to wager
  5. select up to ten out of eighty obtainable numbers
  6. Wait for the game to start
  7. Wait for the outcomes
  8. Claim your prize if you got lucky enough to guess half of the numbers right
  9. Repeat the whole process again as many times as you want

Keno Strategy

We know winning at kenoUSA is random, and there’s nothing one can do to change that. You just sit back, enjoy the show, and hope for luck to be on your side. That said, you can still use a general gambling strategy to try to minimalize losses, for example:

Two-thirds gambling strategy – Start by gaming the minimum. If you win a game, then up your bet. If you lose, then decrease it.

Keep in mind, as with all web casino games at trustworthy casinos, keno uses an RNG (random number generator) to control the numbers that will be drawn. This means there’s nothing you can do to influence those numbers.

Step by Step Guide on How to play Keno Guide

Check out the easy step to step guide on how o play Keno online here:

Step 1. The first and most important step is acquiring a Keno card. Learning how to play Keno doesn’t require players to memorize all sorts of different hands and card combinations.

Step 2. Choose your numbers. Keno cards are numbered from 1-80, arranged in 8 rows and 10 columns of numbers. Traditional Keno cards used hundreds of years ago, used 120 different Chinese characters. Depending on what type of game of Keno a player has chosen, the cards will indicate how many numbers a player can choose.

Step 3. An alternative. Some casinos/gambling halls will allow players to purchase a ‘way ticket’, which offers them the chance to hedge their bets. A ‘way ticket’ allows players to choose any six numbers from the pool of 80.

They can then mark “2/3” and “1/6” on the side of their ticket. This lets the casino employee who handles all the Keno bets know that you are making a split bet.

Step 4. Hand in the ticket and place a bet. Just as with a normal lottery game, players then hand in their ticket to the casino employee and place their money wager. Players can also, if they choose, play multiple cards in one round, depending on what they prefer.

Some casinos will allow players to have up to 20 cards in one round. Players are also issued with a ticket with their selected numbers on it, which they will need to keep safe. Players who lose their tickets forfeit their chances of winning.

Step 5. Watch the numbers called and claim your winnings. It is nigh-impossible to catch all 20 numbers in Keno, so most casinos will pay out a jackpot for 17 numbers or higher. This is not set in stone, so players always need to check each casino’s policy before they play.

Keno online Tips

How to Play Keno – Terms

There are a few terms that’ll regularly crop up in any game of Keno. Players should memorize these, as it’ll make their experience all the better.

All or Nothing– This is the riskiest bet a player can make in Keno and is better suited to smaller number selections. All or Nothing means a player makes a bet that only pays out if all their selected numbers are drawn, and nothing if they aren’t. The more numbers a player selects the bigger the potential payout.

Caller– The casino employee that calls out all the numbers that have been drawn. Some casinos display the drawn numbers on a screen rather than have someone call it out.

Catch- A correctly guessed number, that is then marked off on a Keno card is called a catch.

Payoff- This is the money that is paid to a player but that isn’t a jackpot.

Race– A single, quick game of Keno.

Video Keno– Keno is played on a computer, either at home or at land-based casinos. Similar in many regards to video Poker.

Way Ticket– A ticket that has two or more bets made on it.

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