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Live 3 Card Poker Games

Bonnie Evans | October 10, 2020 | Updated on: March 1st, 2024

Best Live 3 Card PokerSince live dealer casinos really up the ante at online gambling sites, we’re happy to report that Live 3 Card Poker is also offered. So, what do you need to know about this game and live casinos? In this guide, we’ll list everything you need to know before playing, including:

  1. Card hand rankings
  2. Rules to play
  3. The best casinos to play at
  4. Your chances of winning
  5. And the payouts you can expect.

Like most casino games, you have to beat the dealer and other players in live three card poker. So, when playing this table game, we recommend learning everything you can on free games. Then, you can test your skills at the live dealer casino.

Best Live Dealer 3 Card Poker Casinos

3 Card Live Poker Rules

Like any other poker game, there are gameplay rules for you to follow while you’re playing. These are the general guidelines for any live 3 card poker game:

1. Table and Bets

On every 3 card poker table, there are three bet areas per player for your bets. These are the Pair Plus side bet, the ante, and the play section. You need to place your table minimum bets on the Pair Plus and/or Ante.

2. Deal

Then, each player receives three cards from the dealer in front of their bets on the table. Starting on the left corner closest to the dealer, you will receive cards from the shoe.

Live 3 Card Poker

3. Fold or Play

When you’ve viewed your hand, you can choose to fold or play on, but you will lose your Ante bet if you fold. But, if you decide to keep playing, you have to place another bet of the same value as your other bets.

4. Showdown

After you’ve made a decision, the dealer will reveal their hand, and so will you. If the dealer gets a high card queen or better, their hand “qualifies,” and you’ll win back your bet.

But if the dealer doesn’t get a queen or better, you’ll get your play bet back and even money on your Ante stake.

Live 3 Card Poker Hand Rankings

Now that you know the rules, we can get into the hand rankings, which might be familiar from other games. These are rated according to the highest-ranking down in live three card poker online.

Live 3 Card Poker Hands

3 Card Poker Payouts & Odds

When playing 3 card poker online, you’ll notice that there’s no royal flush, only a mini. This is because there aren’t as many cards in your hand. So, when betting, be sure that you remember this and move on to your bets.

Ante Bonus

In live 3 card poker, you can get a bonus payout when you have individual hands. You’ll get a bonus when you win with a straight, straight flush or three of a kind. These payout as follows on the table:

Ante Bonus Live 3 Card Poker

Pair Plus Bonus Bet

Next up is the Pair Plus bet, based on whether you have a pair (two cards of the same value) in your hand. This pays out regardless of whether you beat the dealer or they beat you in the Ante round.

Live 3 Card Poker Pair Plus

Six Card Bonus

Last is the six-card side bet based on your hand and the dealer’s, which pays out from three of a king to mini Royal Flush.

Live 3 Card Poker Six Card Bonus

Top Ways to Win

With all of this information in mind, it’s time to learn a few essential tips that pro players swear by. Our quick strategy will help you to make the most of your time while playing live 3 card poker:

1. Practice with Free Three Card Poker

When you’re still starting, we recommend playing a virtual game for free first. That way, you can make all the mistakes you want without taking cash. When you’re entirely comfortable, it’ll be easier to play for real money and win more.

2. Fold All Hands Lower Than Q-6-4

One of the best poker tips is to fold any hand under the queen, six, and four because the dealer’s hand qualifies with a queen. So, when you try to play lower hands, you’re going to lose your bets.

3. Avoid the Pair Plus Bets

When you factor in the house edge for Play and Ante (3.37%), Pair Plus bets are the worst you can take at 4.49%. So, this is not a practical side bet if you actually want to make some money.

4. Check the Card Bonus Bet Payouts

Double-check the side bet payouts on the table, because not every provider’s live 3 card poker is the same. Some versions differ on payouts, like a Mini Royal flush, which we put as 100:1 in our example. In some games, it goes as low as 50:1 for the same hand and increases the house edge to 5.39%.

5. Set Your Bankroll Early

Before playing any casino game, we recommend setting a bankroll to avoid overspending. This is a common strategy in live 3 card poker, which estimates 1-2% of your budget as enough. So, if you have $100, that would be $1 or $2 per bet.

6. Claim a Welcome Bonus

Whenever you sign up to a casino, take a welcome bonus to boost your bankroll. Sometimes, you’ll find no deposit bonuses or exclusive live promotions. When you look up a casino, check what the wagering requirements are, too, so you can get the most out of it.

Live Casino Software Providers

Last but not least, look for reputable software providers who offer live 3 card poker. Some of the best game studios include Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Vivo Gaming. These companies offer fair odds and multiple tables for a live dealer 3 card poker.

If you want to try others, there are many smaller studios, but they probably won’t offer 3 card poker. So, go and try our best casinos now!

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