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Play Live Casino Holdem Poker Game

Jonn Seo | September 14, 2024 | Updated on: March 1st, 2024

Live Casino Holdem PokerLive dealer casino hold ’em is now available to players in the US. The fan-favorite casino game has been growing in popularity since its introduction.

Get to experience this classic casino game with expert dealers, real poker cards, and no RTP. It is the closest a gambler may play casino hold’em in the USA, Las Vegas. To know more about the game, how it is played and the best strategies, read on.

Best Live Dealer Casinos in 2024

What is Live Casino Hold’em?

Online hold ’em puts players against the dealer, instead of other players at the table. Another variance is the use of an ante stake on each hand, instead of a big blind/small blind gambling of Texas Hold’em.

This game was created as a training tool for Texas Hold’em Poker. Hold’em was a hit that most live casinos and web gambling sites offer it.

Live Casino Hold’em Online Benefits

  • You can play & stand a chance to win from anywhere with the games on mobile, tablet, or even desktop.
  • Range of gambling options for the low-limit and the high-rolling players.
  • Expert live casino dealers add to the real-life casino gaming experience.
  • The house edge is about 2%, better than most online casino table games.
  • Players can socialize with other game players and the dealer using the chat function.

How to Play Casino Holdem Live

Playing casino holds ’em game is easy. If you’ve tried Texas Hold’em, most of the rules are the same. The casino game uses the very same community cards, though, you only have to beat the dealer’s hand.

Live Casino Holdem Poker Game

Casino Hold’em Basic Rules

Every round of Live Casino Holdem starts with placing a wager or ante. Then the live dealer will pass out the hole cards and the first three community cards. Then, it’s you can decide whether to call or fold.

Calling – If you call, you’ll then place twice your ante wager on the table, and the dealer will expose two more community cards.

Folding – If you choose to fold, you will forfeit your ante, and the hand is over. Folding helps to minimize losses and play again.

Live Casino Holdem Strategy

The best live casino holds ’em poker strategy helps you to keep the house edge down around 2%. These references are made based on the math and the odds of winning a hand with a precise combination of cards.

When to Call & When to Fold

You want to gamble smart and do your best at beating the house. Your best wager is to follow simple rules when calling and when folding.

When to Call

  • When you have two overcards to the flop.
  • In possession of an Ace or king high.
  • When you have a pair.
  • Having one card to a straight or flush.

When to Fold

  • When you have a paired board, with no 10 high.
  • No over cards in the hole.
  • Without aces or kings.
  • When you missed on the flop.

Steps to Playing Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

Follow these step-by-step instructions to play live casino hold’em.

Step 1. Create an Account

Creating a new casino account takes only 5 minutes. Click on the “Play Now” button for one of the listed casinos above. If you have an account already, simply sign in.

Step 2. Fund Your Casino Account

Live dealer casino games don’t have free play, so you’ll have to make a deposit.

Step 3. Use your Bonus Code

To begin with an extra bankroll, you may use a bonus code. Make sure that you read the terms and verify if it works with live gaming.

Step 4. Head to Live Casino

There are two choices for live dealer sites, black or red. Casino’s online hold’em game is in the black version.

Step 5. Withdraw Winnings

Once you win, go to the cashier section and make a withdrawal. It will take a few days to make your first withdrawal, depending on the website’s verification process.

Play Live Casino Holdem for Real Money

If you enjoy playing Texas Hold’em, then we recommend you also check Live Dealer Casino Hold’em. Gamblers enjoy the fast-paced hands with a low house edge. Moreover, streaming casino games offer players an unmatched excitement level and the real feel from the comfort of their home.