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Live Dealer VIP Blackjack

Jonn Seo | October 2, 2020 | Updated on: March 1st, 2024

Live Dealer VIP BlackjackLive dealer VIP blackjack offers players a fascinating and exciting chance to experience the real land-based casino atmosphere. At an online casino, when one sits at the Live Dealer VIP Blackjack table, then rest assured that their minimum bet will be US$50. This makes it a much more entertaining and intense experience. So much will be at stake. However, this version of blackjack does come with a couple of benefits that’ll sure keep blackjack fanatics glued to their seats such as:

  • Only a selected group of players will be permitted to join the table.
  • The gameplay is quicker and has reduced waiting time.
  • There’s a guarantee of increased privacy for players that prefer to wager a little higher.

So, please read on below and find out more about live dealer VIP blackjack, how to play it, and the types of live dealer blackjack tables available.

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How to Play VIP Blackjack Online

The standard live dealer VIP blackjack game accommodates about seven seats at the table. This means that in the main game, there will only be between one and seven players at a time. It’s important also to know that the famous ‘Bet Behind’ option isn’t available on this version of blackjack. This is because the ‘Bet Behind’ option is created to permit an unlimited number of gamblers to partake in action at a single table.

The main point behind high bets or stakes on the blackjack VIP table is exclusivity. As a result, when you get to sit for a single round of live dealer VIP blackjack, you’ll rest assured that indeed no one will be ‘betting behind’ your action and that you will only be playing alongside main-game gamblers only.

The game is played using a deck of 8 cards, and as always – with a live dealer. One of the things that also make this game appealing to players is how they get to watch the dealer sliding the cards out of the shoe, placing them on the felt. By just moving away from the computerized 3D graphics and going back to genuine playing cards, live dealer VIP blackjack game sure does transport gamblers into an exciting casino aura.

Live Dealer VIP Blackjack

Types of Live Dealer VIP Blackjack Games

There are different types and levels of VIP blackjack tables available at online casinos, and some of these are:

  • Red Tables: Allow for a minimum bet of US$50
  • Silver Table: $50 minimum bet
  • Platinum Tables: Have a minimum bet of $250
  • Diamond Tables: US$1 000 minimum

Regardless of the high stakes, the live dealer VIP blackjack section is mostly considered, compared to the ‘sweet spot’ for the blackjack fanatics, offering a great blend of affordability and exclusivity.

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