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Best Loose Slots 2024

Jonn Seo | March 8, 2024 | Updated on: January 30th, 2024

loose-slots-usaWhen looking for the best loose slots to play in the USA, you might want to look more for fruit machines that pay off at higher rates. However, the only downside is that the payouts tend to change from time to time. This means that you may not always get the best bargain.

However, our expert team of gamblers compiled this guide to assist you with the best way of finding online casinos that consistently have high RTP (Return To Player) ratios. Finding a good slot machine game to play after that should be child’s play. So, read on below and get to know more about what the loosest slot machine games have in store for you!

Top Casino Sites with Loose Slots

What is a Loose Slot?

One may ask, ‘what makes a slot loose?’. The acknowledged benchmark in the realm of casino gambling is that a slot game that returns over 96% of wagers to a player is considered a loose slot.

On the contrary, a slot game that then returns less than 95% is referred to as tight. In general, with online slots, games with more than 97% RTP are considered loose slots. With some casinos, anything between 95%-96% RTP is average, and any game below 94% is considered tight.

This is a longstanding definition that derives from live slots. A little trick that you may use is that if you try to stick to slot games with a reasonably lower variance, you’d have found the perfect game to play with your bonus credits.

Which Slots Are Tight?

It’s not easy to give general guidelines as all slot games vary, and the best solution would be to have a look at the RTP. This is usually published on the online casino site. Nevertheless, one thing that you should always be aware of:

Stay away from progressive slots: They do sound like so much; we all want to win thousands of dollars in a single spin, right? But, the chances of you hitting that jackpot are quite similar to your chances of winning the lottery.

Of course, online casinos promote progressive slots more and their massive payouts to attract gamblers. But for each player that hits the jackpot, about a million other players lose almost every cent in their bankroll. So, if you can’t stay away from progressive jackpots, then try to limit your bets to 10% of your bankroll or even lower.


Loosest Slots Myths

There are also persistent myths around loose slots, many are false whilst some can’t be verified. The main issue is that myths tend to be very misleading as they give gamblers a false ‘sense of security. This will, in turn, cost them way more than what they had planned to risk. Here are some of the top myths surrounding loose slots online:

  • Bet on the Max: This might be true, but only for certain slot games. Some online slots only have a high RTP for a maximum number of coins. However, on the rest of the 99% of slot games, wagering the maximum number of slots won’t really help and can actually cause you to lose more casino credits from your bankroll by increasing your wager per spin.
  • Testing your machine’s payout: This simply doesn’t work at all. Even after spending the last five years playing slot games in Vegas, you can’t make a couple of spins and be able to tell whether it’s loose or not. Every machine has different settings and variances. So, in reality, one has to make at least 10 000 spins to be able to analyze the RTP at least.
  • Playing multiple slot machines at the same time: This might work or not work. It’s one of the myths that aren’t verified. It’s something that varies from one online casino to the other, and unfortunately, there’s no way it can be verified.
  • Do not play multiple pay line slot games: This isn’t true. Many multiple-line slot games offer players much higher returns.

Play Loose Slots with Highest RTP Online

With over 600 slot games to choose from, visit any of the shortlisted casinos we feature and start playing the best slot games with the highest RTP. You may never know – the odds might be in your favor!

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