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Best Online Slot Features 2024

Jonn Seo | September 17, 2020 | Updated on: July 15th, 2024

Online Slot FeaturesSlot features have come a long way from the classic 3-reel fruit machines. You’ll see that various software developers offer slot games. Therefore, you’ll find different kinds of slot machine features.

That is why you will find slot games that are like video games and games with 5-reels and. The best thing for you as players is that you get to experience them all. Also, you will be able to experience innovative features as developers push boundaries.

So, for novice slot players the various slot games could feel a bit overwhelming therefore a guide would serve them well. In this guide, we are going to go through all the different slot features that you can find when playing slot features.

So, you can expect to find out about bonus features and new factors. We’ll also give you a detailed description of each of the features so that you don’t get confused when you play your first game.

Top Online Casinos with the Best Slot Games

Popular Slot Features

Below you will find detailed descriptions of the common sot features that you will find at any online casino.

Bonus Games

In slot machine games, bonus games will come in various forms. The bonus games will give you a chance to gain some extra money. In most cases, you will have to line up a few symbols on the reels to trigger bonus games.

Some bonus games are not an afterthought to the developers, you’ll find them with complex video graphics that will entertain you for a long time. However, if you the bonus games to be simple, you can choose from a very large slot game library.

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels provide something different from the normal slot games that you are used to. So, instead of seeing the regular spinning reels and the icons will fall in the game. Any wins that you get will either disappear or cascade.  This will trigger other icons to cascade down and fill the empty spaces left behind.


If you are familiar with slot machine games, you’ll know that coins are an integral part of slot games. So, coins allow players to spin the reels. As a player, you can place as many coins as you want for several spins.

Slot Features Online

Expanding Wilds

The extra features that are part of the slot games elevate the gaming experience. Expanding wilds are wild icons that are spread across the reels. These expanding wilds offer the best bonuses that slot can offer.

Free Spin Rounds

Free spin rounds are a bonus feature that allows you to spin the reels without paying your own money. There are many ways that you can trigger the free spin rounds. For example, if the same symbols are lined up on one of the reels, you’ll get more spins.

Gamble Features

Gamble features are reminiscent of the old fruit slot machines that you’d find at land-based casinos. So, these features give players the chance to gamble their winnings for a chance to double them. However, if you choose to use gamble features, you need to keep in mind that all your winning will be lost if you lose.

The most common gamble features that you will find in a slot machine game will require you to either guess the color of the next card. Alternatively, you may need to guess whether the value of the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card.


Retriggering is a feature that gives you additional spins to boost your winnings. Most players love this feature because it provides an extra layer of excitement when playing any slot game.


RTP is an abbreviation that stands for Return to Player percentage. The RTP of a game is important when you select what kind of game you are going to play. Many players use it to determine whether a slot machine game is worth playing or not. So, if the RTP is high, then the game is worthy of being looked at. However, if it is low, you should try something else.

Scatter Symbols

We all know that the common rule in slot machine games is that you have to line up a number of the same symbols in one pay line to win. However, this general rule does not apply when you have to scatter symbols. These symbols can appear on any payline on any of the reels, and you will get you to win. Scatter symbols usually pay high, and they usually represent the overall theme of the game.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds are icons in the game that stay in place for one or more re-spins of the reels. These wilds allow players to take advantage of the big wins it offers. However, many developers are moving away from using sticky wilds, or any wild symbols for that matter. So, modern slot machine games may not have this feature.

Transferring Wilds

Transferring wilds move from one reel to the other so, they ultimately help players win the big prize. These wilds come in variations depending on the theme of the game, so, you will be in for a treat when you find transferring wilds.

Tumbling Reels

If you enjoy slot games but want to experience something extra when playing, then tumbling reels are for you. Tumbling reels are similar to the standard ones; however, once you have winning symbols, the non-winning symbols will disappear to make room for the winning ones.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols can be used as a substitute for any symbols in the game. For example, if you have two of the same symbols in a payline but need one more to trigger a win, you can use the wild symbol as a substitute.

Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier symbols multiple the winnings you have accumulated. So, you will usually find multipliers as low as x2 or as high as x1000 it depends on the game and the developer of the game. They come in various ways, they may be part of the standard game, or they may form part of the extra features in the game.

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