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Best Mystery Themed Online Slots

Jonn Seo | January 7, 2021 | Updated on: February 1st, 2021

mystery slots onlineCurrently, looking for some mystery drama in gambling? This site has what you are looking for. Some players enjoy mystery slot games for real money and also for free. Find the listed casinos below and start playing your favorite mystery slot machine game.

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Do mystery slots have anything in common?

Well, though the theme is limited, variation in mystery-themed slots is nevertheless high.  By we can simplify and say that most mystery typed slots feature a video bonus round requiring the player to discover who did it.

Are there Sherlock Holmes slots?

Of course, the world’s utmost detective gets his due in the slot milieu. Regrettably, very few have incredibly exciting names. Check out Sherlock Mystery and Sherlock Reel Mystery for good instances of the London master detective at work. Sherlock Reel Mystery is good with nice cartoony graphics starring in a classic mystery tale.

What are other good mystery-themed slots?

Enthusiasts of the detective thriller-type tale will want to check out slot games like Moonlight Mystery, with a London-set storyline from the days of the After Night Falls, original Sherlock Holmes; a stylish 3D animated slot with an energetic storyline and one earnest little doggie; and Mystery at the Mansion, a five-reels slots game that is based loosely on the Clue board game.

mystery online slots

Where can I play mystery-themed slots?

Those that already admirers of the detective genre in works need no further encouragement to check out the mystery-themed slots online awaiting them at casinos everywhere. The others may rest assured that here, we direct anyone that can play some of the best mystery-themed casino games on the internet for free. Choose an online casino to play at and start gambling right away.


Mystery themed slots are more interesting to players that love to solve issues. For players that haven’t tried out the slots yet, we recommend you do so at trusted online gaming sites today.

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