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Best Texas Holdem Strategy

Jonn Seo | October 19, 2020 | Updated on: October 19th, 2020

Texas Holdem Strategy onlineHaving a good Texas Holdem strategy is essential to the game. With an effective strategy on hand, you better your skills in the game. But not only that, you are one step ahead of your competitors, and you are least likely to make costly mistakes.

Becoming a highly skilled poker player takes time, but if you consider our tips and strategies for the game, you will be well on your way to becoming the best poker player that you can be.

Our strategies are simplified which makes it easy for you to grasp and remember them for the next time you play. The majority of our tips and strategy suggestions have to do with when to raise. But, we also briefly discuss when to call or play. When you use our strategies, you will maximize your chances of winning real money sooner than later.

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Top 3 Texas Holdem Strategies

Getting to grips with the various options you have during the course of a poker game and recognizing when to use them is fundamental to playing this game. Playing poker requires a mixture of luck and skill. Lacking in one or both of these areas will not work in your favor. Below we discuss possible strategies to use when you are faced with the decision to raise, call, or play. We also speak on trip bets as well as why we think they are best avoided.

Trips Bets Strategy

We advise you to be careful when playing trips bets. This type of bet is good and well, but if you use it too often, or without a thought out strategy, it could severely hurt your bankroll in the long run. This is because the house edge on this kind of bet can be as high as 6%. This percentage can vary from casino to casino. If anything, we advise you to avoid these types of bets altogether.

Raise Bets Strategy

So, after the dealer has handed you your cards, you have the option of raising, folding, or holding your cards. If you choose to raise, you can do this up to 4x your initial ante bet. It’s safest to opt for this kind of raise when you’ve been dealt a really solid hand because the odds are more in your favor. However, there are other hands that you can test this on as well.

  • We suggest that you raise with all your paired cards, except with deuces.
  • You may raise when you have an ace or any other card.
  • Raise when you have a king and any other card if they are suited.
  • You can raise a king card with a five valued card or a higher valued card if it is unsuited.
  • Raise a queen, six, or better if it’s suited.
  • You can raise an Ace if it’s suited.
  • Raise a Jack, 8, or better if it’s suited.
  • Raise Jack, 10 or better if it’s unsuited

If you perhaps decided to check during the first round, we have a strategy for you too. Here, you have the option of making a play bet that equal to 2x your ante bet. Implement these suggestions after the dealer has revealed the first three community cards. Here’s what you do in this instance.

  • Raise with two pairs or better.
  • Raise with any pair as long as it contains at least 1 of your hole cards.
Texas Holdem Strategy game

Call or Play Bet Strategy

Once the dealer has turned over the last 2 community cards you have two options left. You can either call, by making a play bet that’s equal to your ante, or you can fold your hand and forfeit your whole stake which includes your ante and blind bet. Here are your strategy options:

  • Call if you have a pair or better, using one of your hole cards.
  • Call if the board is paired and you have the third-best hand or better.
  • You should also call if the total community cards (5) make a straight or better.

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