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Privacy Policy

Jonn Seo | June 2, 2024 | Updated on: November 28th, 2024

Welcome to (“us”, “we”, “our”). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and protect the data you provide to us when you visit and use our website, (“website” or “service”).

At, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information by the Australian Privacy Principles and privacy laws. This policy outlines how we collect, manage, and protect your private information.

  1. Information We Collect: When you visit our website, we may collect the following data:
  2. Server Log Information: This includes login information, contact information, email address, IP address, and the websites you visited before and after ours, as well as the time spent on our website.
  3. Behavioural Information: We may gather data about your interests, preferences, and online behaviour on our website, such as the dates and times of your visits and the pages you viewed.
  4. Location: We may utilize and store information about your geographical location.

Why We Collect Your Data

Understanding Your Needs: We collect your data to understand your needs and interests better when you visit our site. This helps us provide relevant and personalized services.

  • Improving Our Services: Your data helps us improve, deliver, and maintain the services and products offered through our website. We strive to enhance your experience.
  • Personalized Communication: We may send promotional emails with information about products or services you’ll find interesting based on your preferences and browsing behaviour.
  • Market Research: We may contact you to participate in surveys and other market research activities, allowing us to gather valuable insights and feedback.
  • Customized Experience: By analysing your online behaviour and preferences, we can customize our website to provide a tailored experience that matches your interests.
  • Tracking Trends: Your data helps us track trends, usage patterns, and events related to our website, enabling us to make informed decisions and improvements.

Protecting Your Personal Information

At, we are committed to the security and confidentiality of your data. We employ advanced technologies and software to prevent accidental loss, data theft, unauthorized access, and disclosure.

Our secure servers utilize encryption measures to ensure only authorized personnel can access your information. We limit access to your data to trusted employees, agents, contractors, and third parties who require it for legitimate business purposes.

Data Retention

We retain personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. We promptly rectify and remove any incomplete or inaccurate information upon identification.

Our Cookie Policy

By accepting cookies on our website, you consent to collect data related to your online behaviour. This includes analysing web traffic, tracking the web pages you spend the most time on, and monitoring the websites you visit. Cookies are used to customize our website to meet your needs and preferences. The data collected is utilized for statistical analysis and is securely removed from our systems afterwards.

Please note that cookies do not grant us control over your computer; they are solely used to enhance your browsing experience and provide valuable insights for improving our services.

Links to Other Websites

Explore the exciting world of our website, which features links to other captivating destinations. While these links provide a gateway to new experiences, it’s important to note that cannot be held responsible for your data and privacy protection when you venture beyond our site. The privacy policies of those external websites govern your interactions there, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their documentation.

Online Gambling

Embark on the thrilling journey of online gambling, where risks and uncertainties await. Please be aware that each product or online casino reviewed on our website has its disclaimers, terms and conditions, and individual privacy policies. cannot be held liable for any financial or otherwise losses incurred on third-party sites or online casinos. Remember, no win is ever guaranteed, and there is always a potential risk of financial loss.

In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that virtual gambling is legal in your country of residence. Therefore, before accepting any terms, we encourage you to carefully read and review disclaimers, terms and conditions, and privacy policies.

Restricting the Collection of Your Data

At, we value your privacy and respect your control over your personal information. If, at any time, you wish to change or update your information, we provide you with the flexibility to do so.

Additionally, you can restrict the use and collection of your data. When filling out forms on our website, keep an eye out for checkboxes that allow you to withhold your personal information if desired. Your personal data will only be used to send promotional materials should you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

In our continuous effort to improve your experience, we reserve the right to occasionally alter, update, or modify our privacy policy.To keep you informed, we will announce any changes on our website.

Therefore, we encourage you to visit this page regularly to stay updated with the latest privacy policy revisions.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use to understand our guidelines and practices comprehensively.

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