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Roulette Cheats

Jonn Seo | July 28, 2020 | Updated on: July 30th, 2020

roulette cheatsRoulette is a game of skill and luck. However, there are occasions that players cheat the game to win. There are a few roulette cheats strategies that people use. Cheating is never promoted at casinos because it is a huge risk and doesn’t necessarily pay off.

In this guide, we will look at roulette cheats that have been used. What’s more, we will look at roulette cheat sheets, cheats that have worked, and roulette machine cheats. In no way are we suggesting that you cheat casino games. This guide is meant to be informational and entertainment.

Casinos are aware of these roulette cheats and tips. They will not hesitate to kick you out of the casino should they find you cheating. You might even end up on a blacklist where you will not be able to visit any casinos. So, stay clear of cheating at roulette or any other casino game.

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How to Cheat at Roulette: Popular Techniques

A quote that is popular amongst players who ever speak about cheating in roulette is by Albert Einstein. The quote says, “the only way to make money at a roulette wheel is to steal it when the dealer isn’t looking.” However, whether he said it is unknown to us.

Here are some of the popular roulette cheats techniques:

Past Posting

This kind of technique is when you change your bet amount once you know the outcome. Not the easiest thing to do because dealers follow specific rules that will prevent this from happening. For example, you will use four $5 chips to make a $20 wager on a single number.

how to cheat at roulette

When you notice that you are going to win the bet, doing this quickly, you use a sleight of hand to change one of the chips to a higher one, maybe a $20 chip. If this works, your payout will increase.

The dealers are trained to notice these, however, should they miss it, the “eye in the sky” (cameras) should pick it up, since they monitor all tables.

Using Devices

A device with a laser is what cheating players can help estimate the speed of the wheel and ball. This decision will also predict the possible slot that the ball will land in using a microcomputer. This kind of technique is a felony that can get you removed from the casino and face prosecution.

Conspiring with the Dealer

You can already tell how this technique works. You will become friends with the croupier and get him to help you cheat the game. There will be various ways that you together plan to cheat, and that might include getting the dealer to sleigh other player’s cards. The dealer can also change your chips. Most of the time, this collision is done during slow hours.

Magnetic Balls

This roulette cheat is complicated to pull off. You will be using the magnet balls to get the roulette ball to land in a specific pocket. However, you will have to use the magnet balls with an electronic device to be effective.

Rigging the Wheel

This roulette cheat technique is when the roulette is a wheel that is altered to favor specific numbers. One of the ways to rig the wheel is to loosen some sections of the roulette wheel. Individual pockets will have a muffling effect, which will increase the potential of the ball landing in these pockets.

Another way is to alter the frets. The frets divide pockets. The wooden frets can be shaved down to create a low barrier making the ball land in the affected pocket.

Roulette Cheats that Worked

There are a few players who were able to use some of these methods and got lucky. They got caught and faced prosecution. Here are the roulette cheats that worked.

Working with the Dealer

This roulette cheat was used by a dealer and player at the Horseshoe Casino in 2016. The dealer was adding chips on winning numbers that the player had wagered on. They managed to make between $20 000 and $30 000.

Unfortunately, another player was able to pick up on this and reported them to management. The footage was reviewed, and an investigation happened where they also found out that the table supervisor was involved.

Rigged Wheel

The most famous person who was able to use this roulette cheat is Pierre Dugal. He hid in the bathrooms of the casinos, and when they closed, he used his carpenter tools to shave down the frets. Then, he would come back to the casino during open hours to wager on the shaved pockets. Unfortunately, after his wife found out about his infidelities, she reported him.

Magnetic Balls

This happened in 2003 at an Austrian casino, and it involved a team of four players. They implanted a remote-controlled magnetic ball on one of the tables. Together with an electromagnetic watch, they forced the ball to land into specific pockets.

They were able to win £250 000 for several weeks. They got caught when the dealer’s cufflink got stuck on the wheel when he was trying to reach across it.

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