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Scratch Card Terms – Learn The Lingo

Jonn Seo | January 21, 2020 | Updated on: August 17th, 2020

scratch-card-termsScratch cards are the most enticing games to play. The games are based on pure luck and players should not expect to win every time they scratch. Winnings are dependent on what is revealed when the silver foil is scratched off.

Also, they vary according to the number of symbols, combinations and more. When it comes to web scratch cards, one can only be able to simulate the scratching of the above-mentioned card for clear reasons.

Best Scratch Card Casinos

Scratch Cards Lingo

Check out the terms that scratch card players use.

Classic scratch – refers to a few classic and popular games on show at scratch card websites.

Casino scratch – refers to scratch card games with themes linked to casinos. They include Roulette, slots and card games.

Fantasy scratch – refers to scratch card gaming games with fantasy themes.

Sports scratch – This kind of scratch card gaming games have themes revolving around popular sporting events, such as soccer, horse racing, bowling, etc.

Total wins – where players can see how much money they have won since the first time they started playing.

Recent games – when you click on the scratch card site section, players may access all the scratch card games that they recently played and their stats.

Total bets – Here players can view the cost of all the bets that have been made so far.

Line price – This is the amount of money that scratch card gamblers have spent on every scratch card line.

Cashier – This is a section where scratch card gamblers can either make a deposit into their accounts or withdraw their winnings.

Autoplay – The autoplay mode automates the gameplay. When you click on it, a certain number of scratch card games are then automatically played, with no player interference required.

Max bet – When you click the button, players may make the maximum allowable bet without having to go through the tiring process of incrementally increasing the wager size.

Printed scratch tickets– this is When a promoter commissions a specific printing firm to print convinced number of physical tickets with scratch-to-reveal sections to be used in lotto, the resulting ticket is known as a printed scratch card.

Web-based scratch cards: Web-based scratch cards are common systems of scratch cards online.

Scratch panel– This is the chosen area that is located on the scratch ticket and coated with a material – typically latex, which can be scratched off to reveal the data underneath.

Download-based scratch cards– players that use this kind of platform are required to download an application first to play.

Scratch– The action of opening the scratch panel is devoted to as “scratch”. In the web gaming version of the scratch-offs, the scratch is done with the use of the keyboard, the mouse movement, and in some cases, it is mechanically triggered.