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Best Sic Bo Tips to Win

Jonn Seo | June 1, 2020 | Updated on: October 1st, 2020

sic-bo-tips-and-tricksPlaying Sic Bo may be intimidating when you are not familiar with the game. That is why we have made an easy Sic Bo tips guide to help our readers lay and win real money.

What may intimidate players might be the fast pace of the game and the table layout. The fast pace is what makes the game so exciting. To keep up you will need to understand the various bets laid out on the table and what bets you can make.

Although the rules and table layout are important in gaining mastery over the game of Sic Bo there are other factors. For instance, each different bet has a varying house edge.

That should influence how you play and in turn, has an impact on your potential payout. We will outline the top tips for playing Sic Bo online in the United States. Additionally, below we have listed the best casino sites that accept US players which have Sic Bo games.

Play Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo Game Play Tips

To ace the game of sic bo, you must be aware of the difference in house edge amongst the unique bets. Once you understand the risk attached to each bet in the game then you may begin to formulate a strategy that works for you. But before you do that you must practice the game.

When you are still practicing the game go for safer bets such as the small and big bets. The small and big bets are not super specific therefore there is a bigger range of possible payout outcomes.


Top 7 Sic Bo Tips and Tricks

Simply put these are the top seven tips to boost your gameplay

  1. Learn how to play sic bo
  2. Find out which Sic Bo bet options are available
  3. Find out the house edge on the various Sic Bo bets
  4. Check out the payout table for Sic Bo before making totals or combination bets
  5. Begin with simple bets like Small and Big Bets
  6. Avoid high house edge bets such as bets on a total of 5 to 16 especially at the beginning of your game.
  7. Avoid triples unless you have money to burn and you feel extra lucky

Sic Bo Betting Tips

Winning at Sic Bo requires an understanding of the bets and how they work. We previously mentioned that small and big bets are less risky. Why are those two particular types of bets less risky? Due to the fact that betting small or big is not confined to a specific outcome, the result will payout for a number of outcomes.

“Small” Betting – Bets on an outcome total between 4 to 10 will payout.

“Big” bets- bets on outcomes between 11-17 will payout.

Small and Big bets a house edge of 2.77% which in other online casino games would be quite high. However, that is the lowest house edge out of all the Sic Bo bets. That house edge translates into a 1 in 7 chance of winning when you bet. If you are betting specific bets, doubles and triples do so when you have the large bankrolls or if you have made considerable winnings from your small, big, and single bets.

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