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Explaining Double Joker Video Poker

Jonn Seo | November 16, 2024 | Updated on: November 16th, 2024

Double Joker Video PokerDouble Joker Video Poker strikes a balance between traditional Joker Poker and the more assertive Deuces Wild variants of the game. Unlike the inclusion of a single joker or turning all twos into wild cards, Double Joker utilizes two jokers as wild cards in a 54-card deck. This configuration finds a harmonious middle ground, introducing an element of unpredictability without veering too far from the fundamental principles of video poker.

In the realm of video poker, game developers have sought ways to enhance the excitement for players, both in brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling platforms. One method employed to achieve this is the incorporation of wild cards, which empower players to transform them into any card necessary to bolster their hand. This strategic addition significantly heightens the potential for achieving winning poker hands.

Best Double Jover Video Poker Sites

Playing Double Joker Video Poker

The positive news is that the mechanics of Double Joker Video Poker closely align with those of most other video poker variations, including the ones often chosen by beginners. The button presses, and general gameplay remains consistent, making it an accessible variant for those familiar with the basics of the game.

The primary distinction lies in the introduction of wild cards, a factor influencing strategy rather than altering the fundamental mechanics of gameplay. Your objective remains unchanged: craft a winning hand from the cards displayed on your screen. Typically, the more challenging the hand to create, the more rewarding the potential payout.

Playing Double Joker Video Poker – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Starting Play with Your Bankroll

To secure winnings in Double Joker Video Poker, as with any other variant, you must place a monetary wager. This necessitates establishing a bankroll at the gaming machine. This process involves either inserting cash directly into the designated slot on the machine or utilizing a ticket containing credits earned from previous gameplay in the casino.

Step 2: Making Your Bets

With each hand you engage in, the opportunity arises to wager between one and five credits. However, it is strongly advised to place the maximum bet consistently. Opting for anything less deprives you of the optimal opportunity to maximize your potential earnings.

Step 3: Playing Your Hand

After placing your bet, achieved either by manually selecting the desired amount or utilizing the “Max Bet” button, the subsequent step is to press the “Deal” button. This action prompts the display of five cards on your screen. The likelihood of receiving a specific card mirrors the probabilities akin to playing with a standard deck at home, inclusive of a pair of jokers, totalling 54 cards.

Double Joker Video Poker Winning Hands

  • One pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pair
  • Flush
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush
  • Straight
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Wild royal flush

Strategy for Double Joker Video Poker

While luck plays a significant role in any form of poker, Double Joker Video Poker requires a strategic approach. Players must weigh the potential benefits of holding onto certain cards against the possibility of drawing stronger ones. The presence of the jokers adds an extra layer of complexity, as players must decide how best to utilize these powerful wild cards to maximize their chances of winning.

Experienced players often develop specific strategies for Double Joker Video Poker based on the paytable of the machine they’re playing. Understanding the odds and probabilities associated with different card combinations is crucial for making informed decisions during gameplay.

Double Joker Video Poker Pros and Cons


Enhanced Excitement: The inclusion of two wild joker cards adds an element of unpredictability, making each hand more thrilling and dynamic compared to standard video poker variants.

Varied Strategies: The presence of wild cards introduce strategic complexity. Players must adapt their gameplay to leverage the jokers effectively, offering a more nuanced and engaging experience for those who enjoy a strategic challenge.

Unique Combinations: The addition of wild cards opens the door to unique and high-paying combinations, such as five of a kind. This uniqueness can be particularly appealing to players seeking novel and unconventional hands.

Increased Winning Possibilities: The wild jokers increase the chances of forming winning hands, potentially leading to more frequent payouts compared to traditional video poker games.

Suitable for Intermediate Players: Double Joker Video Poker strikes a balance between standard video poker and more complex variants, making it a suitable choice for players looking to elevate their skills without diving into the complexities of advanced poker variations.


Learning Curve: The strategic nuances introduced by the wild cards may pose a learning curve for new players. Mastering when and how to use the jokers effectively requires practice and experience.

Potentially Lower Payouts for Standard Hands: While the addition of wild cards increases the likelihood of forming winning hands, the standard payouts for basic combinations might be lower than in traditional video poker games. Players need to weigh the risks and rewards carefully.

Not Ideal for Purists: Traditionalists who prefer the simplicity and purity of standard poker may find Double Joker Video Poker to be a departure from the classic game they enjoy.

Risk of Over-Betting: The temptation to always play with the maximum bet to optimize payouts may pose a risk of over-betting, especially for players with conservative bankroll management preferences.

Limited Availability: Double Joker Video Poker may not be as widely available as more popular variants, limiting the options for players who specifically seek out this particular variation.

Double Joker Video Poker game

Double Joker Video Poker Variations and Formats

As with many casino games, Double Joker Video Poker comes in various formats and may have different paytables depending on where it is played. Some versions may offer progressive jackpots, where the potential winnings increase as more players participate.

Additionally, the game is available in online and offline formats, providing players with the flexibility to enjoy it in casinos, on gaming websites, or even through dedicated mobile applications.


Double Joker Video Poker offers a captivating twist on the classic video poker experience. With the inclusion of wild jokers, the game becomes a dynamic blend of luck and strategy, attracting both casual players and seasoned poker enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of chasing elusive hands or enjoy the strategic decision-making involved, Double Joker Video Poker provides an entertaining and engaging gaming experience.

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