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Video Poker Rules of Play

Jonn Seo | July 10, 2020 | Updated on: July 10th, 2020

Video Poker Rules and tipsVideo poker is one of the most popular casino games offering an exciting and pleasant experience to players. Understanding video poker rules can help you make well-informed decisions. To well-informed gamblers, nevertheless, it offers higher than what is typically found in slot machine games. Indeed, video poker is mostly compared to slots, because initially, the two are played on a similar-looking machine. Nonetheless, the two games have little in common.

Video poker initially appeared in the 1970s as a then-modern substitute to the traditional poker. The game then became a vital addition to every land-based casino. Its popularity was due to the fact that it appeared simpler for casino players. You could simply insert coins and place wagers on machines than to sit at a table and play poker against other players.

Still, the game brought the thrill and excitement, shared with great odds of winning and the forecasts of drumming a jackpot. Today, the video poker game is still played at brick-and-mortar casinos. It is the online variation of the game that is a total fan favorite among bettors at casinos online.

Best Video Poker Casinos

Video Poker Rules

There are numerous video poker games in casinos and each has slightly different rules and the payouts. Some have the Jokers comprised, some offering bonuses. The diversity of games can be very irresistible even for those with prior skills of playing traditional poker. This is why before commencing a session with video poker games, gamblers should become acquainted with the basic rules. Some of the rules include:

  1. To place a wager, insert the mandatory number of coins.
  2. Once you click deal, the machine displays the starting five cards.
  3. You will have the choice to hold or to abandon some or all of your video poker cards. To choose the cards you want to abandon, you have to click on them.
  4. When you press draw, the castoff cards will then be replaced in a random draw from the residual deck.
  5. You only win if your hand matched the qualifying poker hands. The payout is reliant on the paytable of the game.
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Video Poker Strategy

Like any poker game, having a comprehensive strategy can be very beneficial for one’s pocket. Taking time to practice the game before playing for real money might increase your odds of winning. Every video poker difference has its own gaming strategy. Players must be aware of what variation they play to ensure that they use the correct strategy and rules.  You don’t want to lose money due to using the wrong betting strategy.

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