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Why Do I Gamble Until I Lose?

This is the most common question that gamblers frequently ask themselves. Most players have a similar experience where they are failing to break bad gambling habits that they seem to fall into. These bad gambling habits normally result in massive losses. Whether betting of sports games, lottery games or casino games. There is a similar excitement that gets through your mind that you feel when gambling. The adrenalin rush felt when the ball on the roulette wheel is about land on a number, is very addictive. This happens because every spin promises a chance to win.

According to psychologists and recovering gambling addicts, players often think that the winning streaks will never end. Even when gamblers set a predetermined amount that they want to win before playing, they play until they begin going in a big hole. Research shows that the odds of winning decrease the minute you play casino games over a long period.


Ways to Break A Bad Gambling Habit

The reason given by players with a gambling addiction for their massive losses, is that they were merely trying their luck to win and recover a portion of the money they had lost. They believe that by increasing their bet size, you are bound to win and recoup a portion of their money back. However, keeping track of your bankroll is the only best way to break a bad gambling habit. Here are other gambling tips that other US casino games players use:

  1. Set a Budget – Setting a budget will helps you gamble accordingly and when finished, it is advised that you stop playing. You have to make sure that the set amount is an amount that you can afford to lose.
  2. Set a Specific Target – It is important that you always gamble with a purpose, so that when you have fulfilled it, you may be able to cash out your winnings.
  3. Set Time Limits Spent at the Casino – Whether gabling online or at a land-based casino, keep track of the time spent playing. This is because it may affect your odds of winning, your attention span and your life outside of gambling.
  4. Have Control Over Your Gambling Habit – You should be able to discern whether you are a recreational gambler or have a gambling problem. You should try stop yourself or seek help if you feel or see signs of being an addict.

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