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How Fruit Machines Differ from Slot Machines

Fruit machines and slots are mostly considered synonymous. This might be because these games work in a comparatively similar manner. However, fruit machines have notable differences from the regular slot. Both kinds of games might look alike, though fruities are very unique. Below we discuss five ways that fruit machines stand out from slots machines.

Fruit vs Slot Machines online

1.      Extremely Modest Gameplay

Both games gained popularity due to their easy gameplay. Virtually anybody can hop on any type of game and learn the playing process.

The basics for enjoying any style of game work as follows:

  • You insert cash into the machine.
  • You choose a bet size.
  • Spin the reels and then wait for the results.

2.      Basic Symbols

Classic slot games dominated land-based casinos until the mid-1970s, when video slots came about. They’re branded by mechanical reels, easy betting methods, and very basic symbols.

The latter include bells, sevens, and various fruits. You won’t have any issues identifying a classic slot game when you see bananas, cherries, and oranges turning up on the reels.

Fruit machines only feature fruit symbols than sevens and bells.

3.      Specific Game Features

The gambling world has been in an arms race in current years to roll out creative features. Nowadays, slots offer expanding Megaways, wilds, second-screen bonuses, even Infinity Reels and win multipliers.

Fruit machines are not totally void of features. Nevertheless, they don’t offer the same number of bonuses as slot machines.

4.      Found in Precise Locations

The UK is ahead of the curve when it comes to gaming. It was one of the first nations to roll out lawful sports betting and also to became one of the earliest to adopt nationally regulated web gaming.

Fruit machines are another gambling creation to arise within the UK. As mentioned earlier, fruities came about due to a dodge in the country’s laws.

Not surprisingly, the United Kingdom is still home to the majority of fruit machines.

5.      Smaller Prizes on Average

Real money online slots have become popular for their ability to deliver huge prizes. Some casino games in both land-based and web casinos offer. These payouts are exceptions to the regular. Though you can find lots of slots that provide a great chance at winning five-, six-, or even seven-figure prizes.

Fruit machines, by contrast, don’t really offer as much win potential. You can win nice prizes through these games, though you’re not going to retire that early.

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